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Spirit Quartz: It's all in the name

Updated: May 20, 2022

The beautiful Spirit Quartz just happens to be the reason for me setting out on my venture with The Natural Crystal Collection. I was doing some research for a project and there it was saying ‘here I am, buy me’. And as I always listen to my messages from the universe, I went with the flow and here I am now; Sitting amongst my beautiful collection of crystals writing this article!!

I have had Spirit Quartz in my private collection for a few years and was called to work with it a couple of years ago over a period of time. I discovered why afterwards as it helped clear a massive blockage for me that had been lingering for a long time.

I believe Spirit Quartz is one of those crystals everyone should own as it has so many healing qualities. Not only is Spirit Quartz a primary stone to have in your crystal first aid box, it is also beautiful to look at and have around you.

Spirit Quartz, also known as Cactus Quartz due to its appearance, was first discovered in the mountains near the village of Boekenhoutoek (which apparently means ‘book in the wood), in late 1986, but was not mined until early 2000. Boekenhoutoek sits in the Mpumalanga area, north east of Pretoria, South Africa,

Spirit Quartz is unique to this area and is found in quartz veins that have formed in the Bushveld granite and granophyre rock. The artisanal miners dig tunnels down into the rock in the surrounding area of the village and in the hills above. Some of the tunnels go several metres deep as the miners follow the veins. The tunnels are narrow in places and not shored up with any support, making it a somewhat risky business. Some miners dig in their back yard, and there is a concern that they are putting their homes at risk as tunnelling sometimes goes under the house. The mining is all done by personal choice and many of the villagers make a reasonable living out of their findings. They set their own prices and are well aware of the value of the crystals and the growing demand.

It is said that the miners gave the name Spirit Quartz to the crystals because they associated the amethyst colour so prevalent in the quartz to the cleaning agent, methylated spirit. There is more than a little irony in this given that Spirit Quartz can assist connection to Spirit!

Spirit Quartz has a very distinctive growth habit with the whole stem below the termination being covered in either tiny second growth twinkly druzy crystals, or several baby second growth crystals, pointing outwards. They range in size from really small thumb size to about 10cms long. The druzy Spirit Quartz can be single or twin points, or grow on a matrix cluster. Sometimes the Spirit Quartz grows on a plate like matrix and has one or more large points with smaller but not druzy points surrounding them, and these have been given the name ‘flowers’. The points will often have phantoms inside. Spirit Quartz will often feature elestial growth on or around the termination and occasionally they display trigonic markings which can be a feature in quartz crystals.

Spirit Quartz can be various shades of amethyst, citrine, ametrine, or white and is an incredibly versatile crystal for therapeutic healing.