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The Natural Crystal Collection

Hi, my name is Jo and I am the founder of The Natural Crystal Collection. We are located in the heart of beautiful rural mid Wales. We specialise in sourcing rare and unusual quartz and other minerals from Southern and Central Africa. Occasionally, we will offer stones from other parts of the world if we come across something really special and know the origins.  Most of the crystals in the collection are raw and natural, uncut,  unpolished and untreated, as they came out of Mother Earth. This pure natural state preserves the natural qualities of the crystals, allowing them to remain aesthetically beautiful as nature intended, and incredibly tactile. On the rare occasion, a stone may have been part polished one side to reveal its true beauty. 


All our crystals are ethically sourced, and bought at a fair price directly from individual artisanal miners, who make their living digging for minerals and crystals in the remote desert and mountainous regions of Africa. Many crystals within this collection are exclusive to a specific area, and sometimes only found in one particular deposit, making each crystal rare, unique and very special. 

Our exclusive range of crystals will appeal to therapists, healers, interior designers, jewellery makers and crafters, crystal lovers and collectors and there are unique pieces to suit all budgets.

Each crystal is individually photographed and catalogued and you will always receive the item shown in the photograph.

Before their journey starts from South Africa the crystals are very carefully wrapped and packed to prevent them from coming to harm in any way. When they arrive, they are carefully unwrapped, washed and energetically cleansed and stored with care. They are sent to you carefully boxed and packaged. 

I hope you enjoy browsing through our selection of crystals. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us either using the contact form or by email and we will be happy to help with any enquiries. Please go to the shipping page to refer to rates and terms. 

Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter where you will receive discount coupons, notification of new products, special offers, etc. You will also find The Natural Crystal Collection on Facebook and Instagram. You can also download the Wix app and become a member of our interactive community, where you can request to join our meditation room, and other private groups. 

Thank you for visiting and enjoy your shopping experience

Best wishes


P.S.  I post regular blogs where you will find further information about crystals, and crystal related subjects. 

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