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Have you noticed how your mind never stops talking! Often, this inner dialogue is building stress. This stress may be due to pressures at work, conflict in a relationship, financial worries or an illness, for example. 

It is a proven scientific fact that prolonged build up of stress can cause mental and physical illnesses. Practising regular meditation helps to alleviate and release this stress.

Meditation helps us to move our mind away from the external everyday world of pressures and stresses, to an inner place within where we can just be...! Here, our mind clutter is put aside as our brain adjusts to a different level of consciousness, and this helps to bring peace and calm. By being in a state of peace and calm we are better able to face the external chaos of life.

A meditative state of consciousness allows us to increase our self awareness and see things from different perspectives.


There are several known and evidenced health benefits gained from regular meditation:


  • Reduces stress

  • Alleviates anxiety

  • Benefits emotional health & well-being

  • Aids better sleep

  • Increases oxygen supply to the body

  • Decreases blood pressure

  • Improves the immune system

  • Enhances self-awareness

  • Improves self esteem



Meditating With Crystals

Using crystals while meditating helps to create a focus and can make it easier to move away from the external mind clutter in to a more dream like consciousness. Specific crystals can be chosen depending on the cause of the stress, or the focus. Often, we are drawn to a particular crystal, and this is because it is the one that will help us most at that time. 



Rainbow Meditation

Whether you are new to meditating or enjoy listening to guided meditations and trying out new ones, you are invited to click on the picture below and listen to my FREE 10 minute Rainbow Meditation. It is a gentle but effective energy cleansing meditation that is suitable for all to use. It is calming and uplifting and can be used on a regular basis or just when you feel in need of an energy cleanse. Don't expect the same experience each time, as this simple therapy technique will only offer you what you need at the time. 


To enhance the meditation, hold a piece of clear quartz that has an internal rainbow within. The crystal will add focus to the meditation, the quartz helps to amplify the healing energy, and the rainbow within enhances the colour therapy.


Enjoy 💜

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