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On this page you will find raw and unpolished, natural quartz from Zambia, straight out of Mother Earth. Zambia is blessed with a variety of clear, cloudy, translucent and opaque quartz that offers a variety of features. Here you will find several double terminated points, some with extra terminations, also known as extra terrestial and aliens. Many of the quartz pieces here are Master quartz with Dow terminations, Transmitter, Channeller or Isis faces. Some display Elestial growth, and just occasionally, a fluid inclusion with moving bubble will reveal itself. Zambian quartz tends to have several rainbows due to internal inclusions and mirror fractures. Some are rugged, some are self healed, and some have iron inclusions. The quartz is very tactile and each quartz piece is unique with its own characteristics. Zambian quartz has its own unique energies and is ideal for therapists, healers, and all crystal lovers and collectors.