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Portals: Doorways to your inner Self

I keep mentioning windows and timelinks in the descriptions of so many of my quartz, especially the Brandbergs, but also many of the Zambian quartz and Kundalini quartz, and I get asked about them. And so here is a short explanation for those who would like some information about them.

The windows and timelinks that are found on quartz faces are known as portals. These quartz crystals are teacher crystals, like many others, and have much to show us and can support deep soul healing within us.

What is a portal?

Very simply, a portal is a doorway, or opening, to another realm or dimension of our consciousness. Once through the portal we connect directly to universal energy. There is no linear time as we know it and so we may find ourselves back in the past or forward in the future. It often becomes like a travelogue as once through the portal we can travel instantly to different places, which may be on Earth, or we could find ourself somewhere in the cosmos. We may go under water, we may stay on the ground, or we may float up to the clouds. We may meet other beings, guides, spirit guides or angels. We may become different, such as a different age, or wearing different clothes. The experience is a very personal journey.

In these other realms or dimensions we can receive information and insight, and symbolic messages that are healing. This may be a mental, emotional, spiritual or physical healing, and quite likely more that one of these. The experience will help to enhance your spiritual awakening, raise your vibration and increase your intuition. If a crystal with one of these portals shows up in your life it is generally a sign that you are ready to work with it.

How do we recognise a portal in a quartz crystal?


A window is a symmetrical diamond shaped face in the termination of a quartz crystal. The points of the diamond window face north, south, east and west.

The window acts as a portal to connect with universal energy and your higher Self. This enables you to look deeper in to yourself and discover the true you. The window will appear when you are ready to accept this truth. This will help heal parts of your inner Self. It does this by helping to release blocked energies caused by some past event in your life. It can help you to release emotions, gain insight and increase intuition.

The window can support you to balance the left and right side of your brain due to its symmetry. It will help in balancing the yin and yang energies - the masculine / feminine energies.

The window can also be utilised to connect with universal energy in regards to relationships, community and world issues. This is done by setting an intention or asking a specific question as you open the portal.


Timelinks are parallelogram faces on the termination of the quartz and either lean left or right. They vary in size from very thin to large and bold. They can be long or short.