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Hematite Included Quartz: The Red Phantom, Grounded In Spirit

Both quartz and hematite are found world wide, as their elements, silicon and iron commonly occur in the earth”s crust. However, the red hematite included quartz, also known as ferruginous quartz, is considered to be a rarity and only occurs in certain areas. Orange River area in the Northern Cape of South Africa and southern Namibia is renowned for its rich red (and sometimes orange) hematite in quartz. Recently there have also been some finds in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Hematite included quartz has also been found in other locations around the world, including Spain, Morocco, Germany, Northern England (Cumbria), and Russia.

The red hematite in quartz crystals are often rugged with quirky shapes, and can be seen in various formations and habits so often found in quartz, such as skeletal, elestial, double terminated, clusters, etc. The distinguishing feature that defines the hematite included quartz is the constant presence of red phantoms.

These phantoms are created during the stages of growth, as the quartz forms and then iron oxide coats the quartz. The quartz then continues to form over the top of this layer of iron oxide and a phantom is displayed within. Sometimes the hematite (iron oxide) layer is exposed in sections of the crystal when quartz growth has ceased and the red hematite is the final part of the growth.

This combination is often found in sedimentary rocks in and near hydrothermal veins where iron ore deposits sit.


Silicon with Iron Oxide inclusions - Fe2SiO3


Hematite is an iron oxide mineral with a hardness of 5-6.

Quartz is a framework silicate with a hardness of 7

Healing Qualities

With the combination of hematite and quartz together, at a basic level, the quartz helps to direct and amplify the energies of the hematite, and stimulate the movement and flow of energy. The quartz also aids clarity and spiritual elevation. It encourages a new perspective on life, seeing the world in a different light, with a broader outlook. It has the ability to make everything seem more harmonious. The combination of the hematite with the quartz connects the physical with the spiritual, and enables insight and wisdom to the earthly energies for physical, mental and emotional empowerment.

In addition to this, there are the various formations of quartz that have their own unique energies. This is of course, a whole booklet on its own, and so I am going to focus on the overall general healing qualities, and the phantom characteristics, which are most significant.


It is general knowledge that hematite is used as a grounding stone. With its earthy colour, we can associate it with the Earth element. Hematite helps to activate the root and the earth star chakras and grounds and roots our energies, creating an anchor and stabilising energies, allowing the energy flow to run freely through the body and into Earth’s energy grid. Enhanced by the energies of quartz, the hematite energies will receive a super boost.

Being anchored to Earth energies helps us feel more secure and stable, with a sense of belonging, which provides a strong foundation for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. When we feel secure, we feel more confident, more able, and more resilient. We have more vitality and zest for life, we feel calm and can better face life’s challenges in a positive way. We are more likely to trust ourself and others. When our energies are grounded and flowing freely our survival instincts are stronger, we gain more clarity and focus and are able to make better decisions. Being grounded also enables us to set boundaries for self protection and better relationships with others. Being grounded dissipates fear and anger, anxiety and stress. It is the foundation for self empowerment.

On a physical level, due to the iron content, hematite can help stimulate vitality and energy as it helps boost oxygen levels, regulates blood flow, and encourages healthy blood cells. it can also assist with strengthening and revitalising the immune system. As an oxide, hematite supports transformation, and can convert an unstable state to one of stability.

Red hematite included quartz also stimulates the sacral and solar plexus chakras. It heightens passion and creativity, and helps to manifest ideas. It will act as a motivator to turn these ideas in to a reality.

On a scientific level hematite is used in medical and scientific equipment as it acts as a shield against radiation.


The red hematite phantoms in the quartz represent layers and phases of growth and transition. These phantoms act as a reflection for our own stages of growth, development and transformation. The energies of the phantom quartz can be called upon to access past knowledge of oneself, for revisiting past experiences, revisiting our inner child, and reconnecting our fragmented soul.

The hematite phantoms can be used in meditation and shamanic journeying as a healing tool to connect with the inner self for Self discovery, to find answers and gain knowledge of earlier periods of our life and to reveal hidden aspects of oneself.

The phantom can assist with releasing old patterns, behaviours and thoughts that no longer serve a purpose. It allows you to let go of the past and move forward, towards transformation, personal and spiritual growth and greater awareness. It enables one to see things from a different and broader perspective, and keep an open mind.

This rare treasure from Mother Earth is an excellent and valuable crystal to keep in a collection for essential therapeutic healing and well being


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**Please note: therapeutic healing with crystals and minerals is not a substitute for seeking medical advice. If you have a health problem, please consult your GP.

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