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Galactic Quartz: Connection to the universal energy grid

When these beautiful quartz arrived in my first delivery of crystals from South Africa in February 2020 and I held them and saw all the etchings and glyphs and other markings, and felt their energies I thought I had discovered a new source of Starbrary Quartz.

I did several channellings and meditations with the quartz to explore their energies and found them to aid a connection to the cosmos, universal energy and star beings. Later, others familiar with Starbrary energies did the same and gave me feedback on their findings. The feedback was similar to my experiences.

I was later informed by a leading authority that these were definitely NOT Starbrary Quartz.

After the initial surprise of being told this, I came to the conclusion that they were similar but were from a different tribe so to speak. After all, Starbraries originate from Brazil, and these originate from Zambia in Southern Africa. Bearing in mind though, that at one time the two land masses of South America and South Africa were connected, until the split occurred during the geological transformation some millions of years ago, they were maybe born not so far apart as we now imagine.

I channeled again with the intention of giving the quartz a suitable title and the name Galactic Quartz was confirmed.

One of the significant features of the Galactic quartz is that they all have the presence of internal rainbows. This is a signature of most Zambian quartz. The rainbow energy fits so snugly with the other energies of the quartz. However, the galactic energies experienced with this particular quartz are not present in other Zambian quartz.

So what’s the difference? The significant external features of the Galactic quartz is the etched codings, glyphs, geometric etchings, dots and striations.

The Galactic quartz also displays other common features often found in quartz, such as portals and keys, along with the usual variety of forms and structures, such as twins, clusters, double terminations etc.


Ascension, 5th dimension, Love, Divine source, Soul Path, Galactic, Knowledge, wisdom, Truth, Telepathic Communication, Guidance, Planetary Healing.

Above are some of the keywords that have repeated themselves in the findings of the energies of the Galactic Quartz. Below is a broader picture of findings so far.

Meetings with Galactic beings, starseeds, angels and guides occur when channeling and meditating with the Galactic quartz. The Galactic beings don’t seem particularly interested in individual healings, as their mission is all about the collective. When we connect to the quartz the beings know we are ready to receive their knowledge and wisdom. They are focussed on healing planet Earth and raising the vibration and awareness of Earthlings. The beings resonate with the highest form of Love and they pour that loving energy in to those who meet them. It is a universal love that is overwhelmingly powerful at times, and something that is to be shared with physical beings on planet Earth. They are quiet, humble, gentle, friendly, courteous and respectful. They are the sages of the universe, and share their wisdom with those ready to meet with them. They are here to aid the evolution of humanity.

Channeling and meditating with Galactic quartz enables connection to the galactic grid. This is the universal source of energy and light and the connection to universal consciousness. This connection creates a oneness with the energy source and raises intuition, insight, wisdom, awareness and knowledge. It will activate a knowing of who we are, and a knowing of our soul path. The energy is protective, secure, safe and peaceful and will clear any blockages, particularly in the heart and crown. The energy also assists in activating our gift to be a light for others.

The energies from the quartz transmit messages through telepathic communication and once we are tuned in to these energies we receive what we need to know.