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Enhydros: Bursting The Bubble

Here is a snippet of information about the bubbles I sometimes mention when describing a feature of my Brandberg Quartz and very occasionally the Zambian or other quartz.

Bubbles found in quartz (and other crystals) are commonly known in the crystal world as enhydros. They are trapped pockets of fluid inclusions or water that has been in the crystal since its formation many thousands or millions of years ago. Within the fluid inclusion there is often a small vapour/gas bubble, and this will move around in the fluid pocket if it is large enough to allow the movement, when the quartz is tipped and tilted at different angles. This movement makes it easier to detect the fluid pocket. The bubbles are sometimes referred to as runners. They are fascinating and often mesmerising to watch, especially if there is more than one and they move around at the same time. Sometimes it is hard to find the fluid inclusion but once you get the eye for them, it becomes easier. I find often the best way is to hunt for the bubble which is usually orb like. Other times, the moving bubble will catch your eye.

In the picture of the Brandberg quartz below, I have circled the fluid inclusion pocket, and the arrow is pointing to the vapour/gas bubble. This bubble moves around in the pocket as the quartz is tilted and turned.

This very ancient water bubble is a precious little time capsule that carries a record of the geological environment in which the quartz and fluid inclusion was formed. This makes the fluid inclusion an incredibly valuable scientific gem.


Bursting the Bubble!

An enhydro in geological terms is NOT the bubble or fluid inclusion in a quartz crystal. It is the term for the water found in the hollow space inside a chalcedony/quartz geode. When a hollow geode is found whole, there may be water inside, but this water may not be that ancient, as the geode is porous and over time allows water to seep in and out.

And so when you see a quartz or other crystal described as having an enhydro, this is not technically correct. Quartz with bubbles is a better term to describe the fluid inclusion. Even then the bubble isn’t the water, but the vapour bubble that moves around in the fluid pocket.

I hope this makes sense of any confusion around the precious little ancient water containers we prize so much!


Coming Soon

In part 2 of this subject on bubbles in quartz I will be writing about the energies and therapeutic qualities of the fluid inclusions.

I will also be offering a free healing meditation to accompany the article.

To view Brandberg quartz with bubbles in, please click on the link below