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Bubbles: The Healing Time Capsule

Following on from my last article about the technical side of Bubbles in quartz and other crystals, this article explores the therapeutic healing qualities of water inclusions in quartz.

Water is the essence of life, we cannot survive without it. Water has been revered by our ancestors in cultures and traditions for thousands of years, and has been central to many rituals and ceremonies amongst numerous religions and spiritual communities all over the world.

Science tells us our bodies are made up of over 70% of water, and apparently, our molecules are 99% water. Therefore, we are water! It is no wonder then that water can have profound healing effects on our well being. Our energy system resonates with the flow of water and by using water as a therapeutic healing tool, it can help release stuck energy that stops us functioning at our best.

The water inclusion in a quartz crystal has been sitting in its pocket for millions of years, since it became trapped during the formation of the quartz in a thermal bath inside mother Earth. The water is pure and uncontaminated from outside sources. The water and the quartz it lives in holds the memory and the energetic signature of the geological environment it was created in as it went through its alchemical transformation.

Focusing on the water inclusion within the quartz during meditation and channelling can assist with therapeutic healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

The purity of the water inside the pocket offers a purifying healing experience. It can aid cleansing at a deep cellular level, have a cleansing effect on the circulatory and cardiovascular system, the lymphatic (immune) system and the endocrine system, as well as giving the subtle energies a deep cleanse.

The quartz acts as a container for the water that is trapped inside a pocket inside the quartz. This container creates boundaries and limits the flow and movement of the water to within the small space. Therapeutically, this may assist those who struggle with boundaries of their own, and support those who need to create boundaries to protect from energies of others around them. The containment may help to bring about a sense of calm, a safe place to retreat to.

The vessel (container) is symbolically feminine, as is water. This pocket of water carries yin energies and will help to balance overactive yang energies, cooling and calming, nurturing and nourishing. When we are active and busy and on the go all the time, our yin energies can suffer. At times we need to stop and just be, to allow our body and mind to recharge and re-balance. When we allow ourself the time to just be in the moment, we can communicate with our inner self and our higher consciousness. Our wisdom and truth will flow in to our everyday consciousness and bring clarity of mind and thought, and nurture inspiration. The water inclusion can be used as a therapeutic tool in meditation to encourage that insight and communication to flow.

Water offers us a mirror, a reflection of our soul, of our deep and true inner Self. Therefore, water can help to show us the way to our truth and authentic self. It acts as a communicator.

Water is associated with emotions. Our emotions come from thought. We can think ourselves in to any number of positive or negative feelings. If negative emotions and feelings become deep rooted, they become a reality and a set pattern that is difficult to change. Working therapeutically with this pure water inclusion in quartz can support the release of these thoughts, feelings and emotions that have become embedded in our belief system. This will enable the release of any anger and resentment, fear and anxiety and promote a sense of self worth, love and acceptance of Self, and improve all round well being.

This pocket of water also represents the womb. The womb is a symbol of fertility, birth and new life. Meditating with quartz with a water inclusion can help with moving forward, transformation, and new beginnings. This could be changing old habits, starting a new project, leaving unwanted relationships behind and beginnings of a new one.

As water flows and moves through it’s natural course of least resistance, so it can teach us the path of least resistance, making ones life run so much more smoothly and effortlessly. If we can allow our path to take its natural course we can be our authentic self. If our natural path comes up against obstacles and barriers, this creates energetic blockages. If we experience trauma, or disempowerment from others taking our power from us, this can cause us to become a victim and lose our self worth and feeling of control over our life. It can also store up feeling of guilt and shame. Utilising the water inclusion as a therapeutic tool to remove these energetic blockages can boost self empowerment and bring freedom to follow one’s true path.

Water is a liquid crystal. When pure, it’s geometrical structure is believed to be hexagonal, which is the same structure as quartz. In sacred geometry terms, this represents balance and harmony.

Given that quartz is a high vibrational crystal and is programmable and transmits, directs and amplifies energies, the energies of the water inside the quartz are gong to be high vibrational and particularly powerful.

Through healing with this ancient pocket of water, one can restore the natural rhythm of one’s unique Self that one is born to be. Our energy system resonates with the flow and movement of water, which can heal on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level of well being.


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**Please note: therapeutic healing with crystals and minerals is not a substitute for seeking medical advice. If you have a health problem, please consult your GP.

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