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This guided meditation with Galactic Quartz enables you to access other realms and dimensions. It will help you connect to the universal energy grid and the divine source.  During the meditation you may receive guidance, you may meet galactic beings, you may receive symbolic messages. The rainbow in your quartz may appear for healing and it can also be a symbolic bridge between realms. 

Allow yourself some quiet time to enjoy this 8 minute guided meditation. You will need a Galactic quartz. Hold the quartz in your hand to begin the meditation, then follow your inner guidance if you are drawn to placing it on your body somewhere. When you finish the meditation, give yourself some time to chill and reflect on the experience and any messages you may have received. Don't forget to drink some water. You may want to record notes in your journal to refer to later on.

Enjoy 💜


Galactic Quartz

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