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Natural Citrine Kundalini Quartz

Natural Citrine Kundalini Quartz


This champagne coloured natural citrine kundalini quartz has a large main point with a smaller point twinning it. The smaller point has a channeller face and a large left leaning time link face. There is a third smaller point attached which has a large diamond shaped window. The main point is mostly surrounded by smaller cascading artichoke points that radiate upwards. The main point has several internal inclusions and beautiful rainbows. The quartz is transluscent and has good clarity. There is a small chip on the tip of the large point and also on the third smaller point. A very tactile piece that sits well when displayed. Ideal for meditation, deep healing and more advanced spiritual awakening. A lovely piece to add to a collection.



10 x 4.5 x 3.5cm